In 1938 our ancestor Vittorio Farina, the master of the noble art of beating octopus against the rocks and of marinaded anchovies as well as a known merchant of fresh fish and excellent chef of those products that he loved so much, he already delighted his customers with his famous recipes, handed down until today.

As time went by thanks to his recipes the first centre for the distribution of fresh fish was developed, then in the 90s the worldwide exporting company of local tastes CUCINA ITALIANA was finally opened.

CUCINA ITALIANA ranks in the market as a strong defender of the original Made in Italy. Thanks to grandfather Vittorio’s recipes it excels in its taste and quality of products coming from the clean Mediterranean sea and its uncontaminated sea bottoms.




Cucina Italiana™ possesses the most important Italian and international certifications, is essential to ensure consumers worldwide credibility and reliability. Read more about all our certifications.


Each step in the chain is traced. From fishing to transport to the processing and packaging of the finished product. All in the same day. See the infographic of our supply chain.


In order to offer the highest quality to our customers is important not to exploit intensively the resources of our planet. We are committed for all of our products are prepared in accordance with the sea and with sustainable fishing methods.